Youth Dating Violence Prevention 101

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PREVNet and our partners believe that healthy relationships are the foundation for an inclusive, productive and peaceful society.

Training and Resources

Youth Dating Violence Background Training Module – For Educators

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Healthy Relationships Training Module

The Healthy Relationships Training Module fills a gap in the formal training of all adults who work with children and youth. Adults are trained to improve their ability to form healthy relationships with all young people, to create healthy social climates, and to address bullying.

This free 5 part online webinar gives adults the knowledge they need to help young people develop healthy social skills. The webinar focuses on the importance of healthy relationships between adults, between adults and youth, and between youth.

The training is evidenced-based and was co-created by PREVNet, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, Canadian Red Cross and Scouts Canada, and was funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Section 1: What is a Healthy Relationship?Section 2: Power in RelationshipsSection 3: Peer Dynamics and BullyingSection 4: Strategies to Promote Healthy RelationshipsSection 5: Creating Healthy Group and Social Climates

Web-based Resources


Intersectionality and Dating Violence

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Consent for Kids

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Tea Cup Consent (for teen audiences)

A video comparing making a cup of tea to initiating sexual intimacy.

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Watch the Video has a lot of great videos about sex and sexuality for youth.

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The Fourth R.

There are many applicable skills here and videos that parents/adults can discuss with youth — ask them about the scenarios and discuss how the strategies might work for them.

Grade 7 TrainingGrade 8 TrainingGrade 9 Training

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